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Digital Trading Markets

Our proprietary layer 2 blockchain based platform delivers high frequency trading with on-exchange settlement and zero counter-party risk through atomic swaps.

ASMX has teamed up with a global securities exchange.

The agreement allows ASMX's proprietary trading system to connect directly to the backbone of the exchange allowing on-exchange settlement of securities exclusively traded over authorised connected ASMX platforms.

ASMX aims to bring more liquidity to connected exchanges by offering our regulatory and technology stack on a white label basis to regulated brokers throughout the world.

With the ASMX regulatory and technology stack we are creating a inter-operable network of investors and exchanges. Increased liquidity and a wider investor base gives second tier exchanges more opportunity to attract listings.

ASMX Technology

What do you get?

Intergrated KYC/AML technology with facial and document screening

Client Payments
Integrated payment technology allowing customers to control their own accounts

Access to primary market
Seamless private placement technology for fundraising

Mobile Trading
Investors can trade on the go

Desktop Trading Platform
Fully integrated trading platform connected directly to the exchange

Application Programming Interface
API available for algorithmic trading or trading through your own platform

Expert Investor Fund
ASMX hosts an Expert Investor Fund that connected platforms may utilise for underwriting their own primary fund raising.

ASMX supports all types of NFTs on its layer 2 blockchain technology. 

All NFTs can be onboarded from other platforms and be traded via our platform technology. 

New NFTs can be traded, facilitating both regulated (fractional) or unregulated (non-fractional) marketplaces.

ASMX will offer limited access to platform licences per country/state.

We invite regulated companies that wish to operate a digital trading marketplace to get in touch about becoming part of our ecosystem.

The successful companies will be able to choose whether to limit its customers base to just trading listed products on its platform or to open up the inter-linked functionality to its client base to connect and trade with all the other regulated platforms and exchanges globally.


The DTM platforms make instant returns on all transactions (credited same day - no time delay) The revenue split over all transactions will be split over various listed transaction tokens

Layer2 transaction token 

Blockchain settlement fee

ASMX transaction token

Licence settlement fee

DTM transaction token

Individual platform fee

Layer2 transaction token 

Blockchain settlement fee

ASMX transaction token

Licence settlement fee

ASMX Offering


The ASMX team maintains the technology stack and blockchain protocol and all connected platforms benefit from innovations and upgrades to the system.


ASMX will provide access to a regulated member and sponsor for each exchange connected to the system, allowing cost effective listing for platform corporate customers.


The ASMX tech aims to connect second tier exchanges globally. Each platform will have the opportunity to select which exchanges its customers can deal on.


Connecting pools of investors gives platforms an instant full KYC/AML compliant audience for their listings whilst building their own local client base. This base grows everytime a new platform is added.

Contact us by phone : +44 1491 876 179 or send us a message

Your Capital is at Risk if you make investments in securities across connected platforms. Each platform is regulated in their own jurisdiction and you should seek to familiarise yourself with the regulatory status of the connected platform.

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